Special points of interest:

  • First Day of School August 12th, 2020
  • Last Day of School May 27th, 2021
  • No changes to the holiday schedules
  • Adding 7th Grade
  • Absence Credits Now Available
  • 50% of our families participated in our survey!
We have some great news to share! We will be returning to in person classes in the Fall of 2020. Our first day of school is August 12th. This aligns with the calendar we had previously posted prior to Spring Break. The only change we are making to our calendar is to extend the year through Thursday, May 27th. Our previous release date was May 25th. This builds 2 extra days in regardless of any closures we may incur. Our ultimate goal is to continue providing our students the warm, caring and engaging atmosphere that makes Sherwood so unique. During our summer adventure camps we have had the opportunity to work the kinks out of check in procedures, class sizes and transition periods to continue providing the most “normal” school experience

possible while keeping everyone safe and healthy! We will continue our morning and afternoon health checks, we always have and always will wash hands very regularly including when first arriving at school and before going home. We always have and always will utilize the best and safest cleaning products on the market. Our primary sanitizer used for counter and table tops in classrooms and on backpacks each morning is an odorless, EPA rated, food surface safe disinfectant and sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses within 1 minute. Toys that have been placed in the mouth, coughed on or sneezed on are removed from play and washed with soap and water. We also have two steam sanitizers on hand to disinfect toys throughout the day. Each evening our buildings are cleaned by a

professional service that also utilizes high quality virucide products. This is the same company and crew we have used for years. Finally, we have Reme Halo air sanitizing systems on all six of our air conditioning units. In addition we have Germ Guardian air sanitizing units in each classroom without a direct return air vent. Our stringent health policy will remain in effect. Additionally, we will continue to conduct routine temperature checks throughout the day and will require students who have sick families members at home, to remain home until the incubation period for whatever communicable illness they may have has passed and the child is clear. Please keep in mind, we still have several weeks before school starts and these policies will be fined tuned as we navigate this new awareness. Not just of covid, but of all com…

Survey Results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our online survey! We are using the results to form our plan of action for now and for moving forward into the fall. It is very obvious from the survey that we all have a common goal; to provide the children a safe yet warm and stable learning environment with in person classroom experiences and socialization opportunities! Many of the results were pretty evenly divided. It is incredibly heart warming to see how trusting you all are of Sherwood and our mission to educate each and every child. Your trust is not taken lightly and we are honored. A whopping 90% have asked for a traditional school calendar as well as no masks on teachers or children With those results in mind, our mask policy will remain the same. Students are not required to wear masks, teachers have the ability to make the personal choice to wear one or not. Should the county or our licensing authority enact a mandatory mask policy, we will revisit and make decisions that will enable us to comply with regulations AND be in the best interest of the children.