Parent Handbook

2024-2025 Enrollment Guide and Handbook


Philosophy and Curriculum

The Sherwood Academy promotes an environment where children become independent, confident and lifelong learners with a sense of self. We strive to provide a warm and secure environment where children can grow in all aspects of development. Each child will be stimulated, guided and encouraged in carefully planned and age appropriate activities.

The policies set forth in this handbook are designed to strengthen the values that The Sherwood Academy has built on since opening in 2001.

We offer a custom designed, child-centered and developmentally appropriate program for all ages. For each child enrolled we offer language arts, math, science, computer exploration, library, art, music & movement, Spanish and outdoor exploration. Our Elementary students are also offered a fine arts program consisting of theatre productions, art shows and music performances.

Each year our curriculum is evaluated to maintain our exceptional teaching standards and aligned to incorporate traditional and current teaching philosophies and methods. Teachers are encouraged to use their own experiences, as well as children’s interest, to adapt the curriculum to be unique to each Sherwood class.