You do your part…

  • Stay home if you are sick! If you are showing any symptoms of illness, STAY HOME! Students must also stay home if they are in direct contact with a sick family member.
  • If you have traveled within the last 14 days to any Covid restricted travel area, STAY HOME!
  • If you have been in direct contact with anyone who is lab confirmed positive, STAY HOME for at least (14 days-Covid, 4 days-Flu, 3 days-Strep) from the last know date of exposure!
  • Report to administration immediately any known exposure to Covid/Flu/Strep/RSV and any other communicable disease that may impact Sherwood.
  • Sanitize/wash your lunch boxes everyday, backpacks, & nap materials every week!
  • Check your temperature BEFORE coming to school each day and report at sign in.
  • Parents, please do not enter the facility without consent. All drop off and pick up will take place on the front porch.

And we will do our part!

  • Walk all children to class after washing their hands.
  • Sanitize all materials coming into the school.
  • Restrict access to the facility. Tours after hours only.
  • Wash hands often and provide hand sanitizer as needed.
  • Check temperatures throughout the day for students and staff.
  • Strictly enforce our sick policy already in place for children and teachers.
  • Sanitize all toys between groups of children.
  • Maintain Reme Halo units on all AC Units and run them!
  • Keep the classes as one and not mix groups of children as often as possible.
  • Always be honest and transparent about any known exposures or cases.

Together we CAN make a difference and provide not only a safe educational experience for our children, but an extraordinary experience!

I, Staci Mayhill, owner and operator of The Sherwood Academy agree to do my part diligently and work each and every day to provide the safest and healthiest educational environment possible!